I often get asked, "What made you open a B&B?" Mostly, I hesitate just long enough for my husband of 20+ years to "chime in" saying that I needed something to do. I always chuckle at the thought of me having all this extra time that I "needed to add something else" to it. We have a thriving business of over 25 years, of which about 20 years I spent "very involved" in on a daily basis-grateful now for my "replacements," but my heart will always belong to that business. We still had two school-aged children, three cats, four dogs, most of whom were aging and need extra care. We are very active in our church, as well as other non-Profits which are very dear to our hearts. We love to "get away" with (and without, on occasion) our kids. We love to host family and friends at our home, and do so as much as we can. So, "WHY?"  Lots of reasons, really. We bought the Inn that we spent our very first night as a married couple in, so there's the nostalgia of that in itself. Add to it that we are both a sucker for a beautiful, historic building that has major character, and the TREE. Honestly, I never knew the beautiful Live Oak was there on the corner of the property where Liberty House Inn sits. It has certainly been there for many, many years. This place had me (and my husband) at "the TREE." The first picture we took of the place at the showing was of him, my husband, deep into the branches of this tree. I need to name her. (So far, I just refer to it as "God's Cathedral" after a Facebook comment from a previous Guest) (I think it's a "her.") I am not an arborist or anywhere close to an expert, but I am in awe every single time I walk under that beauty! Truth though, y'all. I love to meet and serve our guests....not just breakfast and a place to sleep. I hope that each and every guest who walks through our doors becomes our friend in some form or fashion. I want to share this beautiful spot, and I want every person to love it as much as we do. 

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